Fruity Hydration Waters

Fruity Hydration Waters
May 2023

Volvic Touch of Fruit Kiwi & Lime is being launched as the latest addition to the brand's flavored water range that's perfect for consumers looking to hydrate and quench their thirst this summertime. The bottled water features the namesake flavor of kiwi and lime that will provide a burst of satisfying refreshment, but maintains a sugar-free recipe to make it a healthful addition to any lifestyle. The drink has just one-calorie per serving and is formulated with natural flavors to make it great for anytime enjoyment.
Category Marketing Director, Beverage at Danone Gemma Morgan spoke on the Volvic Touch of Fruit Kiwi & Lime saying, "We're thrilled to be launching this brand-new Kiwi & Lime flavour in the Volvic Touch of Fruit range following the strong market performance of last spring's Peach & Raspberry launch. We continue to see consumers trying out new flavour combinations and it was particularly interesting to put the selection of this new flavour in the hands of our consumers with a social media vote."