Greek Mythology Smartwatches

Greek Mythology Smartwatches
Jun 2023

The 'ICARUS' concept smartwatch has been designed by Apostol Tnokovski as a Greek mythology-inspired piece of wearable technology that's perfect for modern users to admire.
The smartwatch gets its name from the mythological character himself and features a series of Art Deco design elements to balance out the modern with the classic. The watch thus has sleek lines, slight curvature and a fine attention to detail that enhances it as a high-end fashion accessory.
The 'ICARUS' concept smartwatch is imagined with a glass caseback that houses a series of advanced sensors for tracking hear rate, SpO2, temperature VO2max and more. The watch also tracks a series of geographical information to make it great for athletes, while the stylish aesthetic is perfect for professionals.