Jennifer Lopez Rocks Dramatic Arm Tattoo On The Set Of Ben Affleck’s ‘Unstoppable’: Photos

Jennifer Lopez Rocks Dramatic Arm Tattoo On The Set Of Ben Affleck’s ‘Unstoppable’: Photos
Celebrity News
May 2023

Jennifer Lopez, 53, had onlookers doing a double take, when she stepped out with a fake tattoo while walking around the set of Ben Affleck's new movie, Unstoppable. The beauty, who plays an unknown character in the upcoming film, rocked black and red ink of Jesus Christ's crucifixion and red flowers on her upper arm, as she wore a sleeveless purple top with a v-neckline, jeans, and flip flops. She also had her long hair down and in waves as she accessorized with a gold necklace.

Jennifer's latest appearance definitely sparks interest on how Ben's new flick turns out. The actor teamed up with his longtime friend and fellow actor, Matt Damon, to make the film, which is their second with Artists Equity, the independent film production company they started last year. The first film was a sports drama called Air, which was about Michael Jordan's history-making partnership with Nike, but this time, the talented actor and producer is focusing on three-time All-American wrestler Anthony Robles. Unstoppable showcases how, despite being born with one leg, Anthony went on to win a national championship at Arizona State, according to Deadline.

Before Jennifer joined Ben for Unstoppable, she starred in the Netflix movie, The Mother, which was released on May 12. It is a mystery/adventure film that was directed by Niki Caro, and the gorgeous mom-of-two ended up watching the film with her own mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, and mother-in-law, Chris Boldt, while celebrating Mother's Day last week. She took to Instagram to share a video of the memorable moment.

"I'm here with the moms," she said in the clip, while drinking what appeared to be wine, before lightheartedly saying, "Mother's always right." She also included a caption that read, "#TheMother with my beautiful mothers!!! @Delola watch party ?@netflix #DelolaLife #MotherIsAlwaysRight."

In addition to watching The Mother, both Jennifer, Ben, and some of their kids, including 15-year-old twins, Emme and Max, and 14-year-old Seraphina, spent time with Guadalupe and Chris on the Sunday holiday. They were all dressed in fashionable outfits and were photographed getting out of a vehicle and chatting with each other.