Rain-Harvesting Homes

Rain-Harvesting Homes
Art & Design
May 2023

Two architecture firms come together to build this rain-harvesting home in the rural town of Temascaltepec, Mexico. Robert Hutchison Architecture and Javier Sanchez Arquitectos brought the vision of Casa Cosecha de Lluvia (which roughly translates to Rain Harvest Home) to life. The dwelling is meant as the home to Javier Sanchez and his family.
The rain-harvesting home is quite comprehensive in its feature, as well as aesthetically appealing with its modern sensibilities. The main structure houses an art studio and a bathhouse. Elsewhere, the designers have established bio-agriculture gardens and an orchard, as well as a network of pathways.
The rain-harvesting home also acknowledges that in Central Mexico, "water has become an increasingly precious resource as temperatures rise and populations increase" and that the home "proposes an integrated approach to designing regeneratively with water."
Image Credit: Robert Hutchison Architecture and Javier Sanchez Arquitectos