Top 35 Watches Trends in June

Top 35 Watches Trends in June
Jun 2023

This list of June 2023 watches trends showcases the latest releases in the industry, while drawing attention to notable patterns. For example, smartwatches continue to enhance convenience with more apps that offer daily utility, and luxury timepieces continue to enhance self-expression with unique designs and engineering marvels.
The Apple Watch Pride Edition combines both of these trends into one piece. The limited-edition smartwatch offers full compatibility with Apple's suite of apps, while being adorned in the colors of the full extended pride flag. The confetti-style pride colors include multiple additional colors, such as black and brown for black and Latina communities, as well as colors for those lost to HIV/AIDs, and more.
The Hublot Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin captures a different market segment, instead focusing on sustainability and engineering. This timepiece is manufactured out of recycled Nespresso pods, recycled coffee beans, recycled titanium, and more, making it a true example of the potential of upcycling.