Wastewater-Created Skincare Ranges

Wastewater-Created Skincare Ranges
May 2023

Japanese-German startup company Aizome aims to prove the purity of its own textile dyeing process with its new Wastecare product range made alongside creative agency Serviceplan Innovation. The line is made up of skincare that is created from the wastewater of its textile dyeing factory. The company claims that it only uses water, plants, and ultrasound in the dyeing process.
The entire range of products are from by-products of the factory and Aizome claims that the water is so pure that it is able to have 'natural health benefits.' To create Wastecare, the duo experimented with several medicinal plants that would be able to produce the most effective products. Indigo, for example, was used as a blue dye and believed to have anti-inflammatory properties that could help soothe skin that may be prone to eczema.
Image Credit: Serviceplan