Water Ripples-Inspired Chairs

Water Ripples-Inspired Chairs
Art & Design
May 2023

The Water Ripples Chair is a unique and intriguing furniture piece that draws inspiration from the natural phenomenon of water ripples. Designed as a sculpture and a functional chair, it aims to provide users with an interesting and novel seating option.
One of the standout features of the Water Ripples Chair is its fully transparent texture, which adds to its visual appeal. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, especially in spaces with ample lighting, the chair's design plays with the light, creating a captivating effect. Additionally, the transparent nature of the furniture piece allows it to blend seamlessly into various environments, complementing different styles and spaces.
Designed by Kuo-Hsiang Kuo, the Water Ripples Chair was awarded with the Silver A' Design Award this year.
Image Credit: A Design